Phage testing

Due to the risk of introducing bacteriophage contamination into your facility, it is highly advised to contract a specialty lab for your phage tests.


Bacteriophage testing services are offered to determine the presence or absence of phage contaminants in bacterial cell banks or production cells. Negative and positive controls will be plated along with the test articles. Services can be ordered as research, GLP, or cGMP grade.

Lytic Phage Test

This bacteriophage test service is offered to test the presence or absence of lytic phage contaminants in a bacterial cell bank as part of pre-banking tests.

Prophage Test

Mytomycin C is used to induce the development of active phage from the prophage state, if present, of a bacterial cell bank. This test is often ordered as part of the pre-banking tests to ensure the cell bank is free of phage contaminants.

Bacteriophage Titer

This test is offered to evaluate the concentration of phage contaminants in a bacterial cell bank.

Phage Identification

Next generation sequencing method is used for de novo construction of contaminating phage sequence, which is then blasted against NCBI database for highest match.


  • A report with the following information will be delivered:
  • Report the final pfu/ml if detected
  • Report the limit of detection if no phage detected
  • Turn-around Time: 2 weeks


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