Transcript analysis by Northern blot

As a part of our cGMP/GLP cell bank characterization services package, Transcript Analysis by Northern Blot service is offered to detect the presence of an expressed transcript containing a sequence of interest. The size of the transcript will be estimated and the presence of partial transcripts will be reported.
Assay Description
Total RNA will be isolated from the test article (integrated cells) and untransfected cells. The total RNA (approximately 2 – 5 µg per sample) will be electrophoresed and transferred/cross-linked to positive-charged nylon membrane. The same probe designed for the Southern blots (if Southern blot analysis is performed) will be used for the Northern blots hybridization. Hybridized transcript(s) will be visualized by exposure of X-Ray film. After producing the autoradiogram, the size of the detected transcript(s) will be determined.
  • A report with the following information will be delivered:
  • Northern blot image and film
  • Sizes of the transcripts
  • Turn-around Time: 4 weeks