MGMT promoter methylation assay

New! Avance Biosciences is offering a nextgen sequencing based assay for screening MGMT promoter methylation status. This assay is performed in compliance with GLP and GMP guideline on Illumina’s MiSeq platform.  Avance Biosciences developed this assay to support a large scale brain cancer clinical trial where our nextgen based assay was used to validate a companion test based on real-time MSP technology.

Comparing to other available methylation assays, our nextgen based assay has the following advantages:

  • Unparalleled sensitivity
  • Low limit of quantitation
  • Able to probe many CpG positions
  • Able to report methylation at allele level

Click on the icon on the left for more detailed comparison between our nextgen based assay and other type of assays.

  • Pre-screening of patients for clinical trials
  • Offering allele-level methylation status for post clinical trial data analysis
  • High-throughput screening of FFPE tissue samples

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